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Nevada ranks as one of the most business-friendly states in the country due to tax policies and other state laws that can provide a significant competitive advantage. Savvy business owners recognize the importance of working with knowledgeable business attorneys who will maximize the value of these policies and prevent legal quagmires before they happen.

Goldsmith & Guymon P.C. has provided knowledgeable and reliable legal counsel to Las Vegas businesses since 1996. Our firm represents corporations, limited liability companies and sole proprietorships in their formation and governance. We assist our corporate clients with a broad array of business law matters:

Behind Every Successful Business Is A Valued Legal Adviser

Remaining competitive in today’s tenacious business environment invariably requires taking some risks and making some tough decisions. We tackle the legal concerns of our business clients and minimize any risks involved in order to allow them to focus on what they do best — making smart decisions that keep them growing and thriving.

Many of the legal issues that we help business owners resolve lead to working with those same clients on family legal matters. Our experience and knowledge of probate issues, as well as business valuation for divorce purposes and business dissolution make our firm a trusted resource for handling those matters.

Our lawyers take the time to learn each client’s priorities and key objectives. We help our business clients stay out in front of legal issues in order to avoid litigation whenever possible and provide peace of mind by planning ahead.

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