Buying Or Selling A Business?

Like the people who own and manage them, business entities pass through various stages of life. Some grow through the acquisition of other companies, while others are looking to be acquired.

The experienced business law attorneys at Goldsmith & Guymon P.C., in Las Vegas, Nevada, can assist you in purchasing a business, be it an asset or stock deal, selling a business or exploring options regarding business dissolution. We help our clients investigate, evaluate, structure and confirm business transactions.

Business buy-sell agreements are an essential means to prevent confusion or disputes over who has the right to inherit or buy a business owner’s interest if that owner wants to retire, becomes incapacitated or dies. If a business succession plan is not in place, other stakeholders may get stuck with a new partner they do not want, or there may be a drawn-out dispute over the value of that partner’s share in the business.

We Help You Protect Your Investment And Plan For Change

It is important to thoroughly vet an existing business before becoming a partner, shareholder or purchasing its stock or assets outright. Smart buyers don’t buy a used car without having it thoroughly inspected; why would the purchase of a business be any different?

Before a purchase is completed, we work with forensic accountants, commercial building inspectors and other specialists who carefully review every aspect of a business to protect our clients’ interests. It is critical to confirm the accuracy of previous tax returns, bank records and accounting. We also determine if a seller has any outstanding liabilities and review all existing contractual obligations.

We will prepare and negotiate the final contract, and address any unique needs and concerns of the transaction.

A lot of resources are required to ensure that you have the guidance and assistance you need. Whether you are growing as a business or bowing out, make sure you rely on an experienced Las Vegas buy-sell lawyer who will protect your interests.

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